Savant Manufacturing Inc. (SMI) is a metal manufacturing company built around supplying accessory parts for the four-wheeler industry. This company builds front and rear racks, drop racks, floor boards, gun racks, stick stoppers, stick shifts, and other items.

SMI began in the fall of 1978 when Kevin Savant, the founder of Savant Manufacturing Inc, made his first four-wheeler rack in his backyard at the age of 14. He used homemade tools, scrap metal, and time to complete his first rack. Other people noticed the rack and orders began to come in. This is the humble beginnings of SMI.

After a few years of part-time business, there were enough orders to make it an official company and build a work shop. This happened in 1985 at Hwy. 383 in Kinder, Louisiana with one employee. The company did well for the first few years. Then, in 1991, God blessed the company and the business grew at a fast rate and additional employees were hired and new buildings were added.

Due to this being a self made business QUALITY is very important to SMI. We have implemented many quality assurance checks over the years to insure the finest products to our customers.

We begin with hiring quality people who exhibit proper Attitude, Quality, Cooperation, and Growth. Each employee is properly trained at their position and then goes through a review process every three months. We have quality assurance checks on welders, painters, packers, and shippers.

Our next area is to purchase quality raw materials for our products. Our purchasing agent continues to check for the best materials at the good prices. We know that a good product that is to expensive will not sale.

The next area is to insure the manufacturing process for each product is double checked. All welds are not only checked by the welder they are rechecked by the buffer and the painter. Any problems noted are removed and corrected. The painter gets checked by the packers who look again at each product for proper welds and painting, checking for streaks and missed painting spots. The packers are then re-inspected by the shippers. They look for proper packaging so the product will not be damaged and proper parts are placed in each box. This simple process ensures that the customer will receive what he has ordered.

SMI also maintains state of the art computer network system. This system handles the shipping and receiving, order processing, inventory and other necessary programs for operating a quality business. Computers are necessary for tracking the day to day process of a company.

SMI also has the state-of-the-art powder coated paint system. This automated system chemically cleans and washes every part before powder painting. After washing and rinsing and product is sprayed with powder paint, the powder paint is baked onto the product. It is then cooled and packed for shipping.

The last area of quality is research of the market for the products that you want. SMI keeps looking at improvements on existing products and developing new products. We custom fit each item (racks, winch plates, etc.) that we sale on new ATVs each year for quality fit. If adjustments need to be made we make them and then add it to our product list.

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  1. I worked at Larry’s Honda in Jefferson City MO. as parts manager,talked to Keven every week and placed ordered each time,great floorboards for ATVs
    It’s great to see y’all are doing well, I’ve been looking for some for my trx300,but Larry’s can’t find y’all anywhere.untill now I’m sending him a linkt this, maybe I can get my floorboards,the others are junk and won’t hold up
    Goog luck with everything

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