Machine Tool Accessories

Pivot Point

Pivot Point is an original idea by Savant Mfg Inc to help machinists of all skill levels square in a vice to the X Axis of a milling center.

Why would you need your vise dialed to 0.0000″?

If your vise is out 0.001″ of parallel to the X axis, when you make a cut one way in X or Y then flip the part and make a parallel cut on top of the first cut, it will double the offside to .002″.

Now your part is messed up!

In as little as one sweep with a .0001″ dial indicator you can achieve .0001″ or 0.000″.  If your table and vise are flat to each other (we recommend that you stone both) and the back jaw of the vise is flat (most jaws have some wave, give or take a 1/4 of a .001″) and the Y axis has no wear, you will have no issues squaring your vise with Pivot Point.

Dial indicator not included.

Pivot Point Features

  • This is the fastest vise trimming (Parallel or Squaring) device on the market.
  • Dial in to 0.001″ parallel to X axis or less on the first adjustment.      
  • Fully adjustable for 1″ thick, 3/4″ thick jaws and no jaws.
  • Quick table slot lock-down and removal.
  • Roller spring arm for outer jaw movement.
  • Four Position Adjustable Stop (2 in the Y, 1 in X and up and down in Z)
  • Light Weight Anodized Aluminum


Milling Vise Adjustable Toe Clamps Kurt Vise and Others

Vise Adjustable Toe Clamps. Condition is New. Comes with one steel adjustable block, two sets screws and one 1/2” x 2” bolt. T-nut not provided. Made to clamp on the side of vises and the range of measurement is 868” to .415”

Why would you buy this? Some vises have out side rails to clamp down to. Even if you have have bolt slots in your vise, I have seen when heavy cuts are performed the vise may move. With these clamps they will stop this. It’s faster than the old style hold down clamps, also a smaller footprint.